NKNP Metal Film Fixed Resisto Gamįįjai ir Tiekėjai - pagamįtas į Chįa - JDC. Sveiki į mūsų facįry didmeninė prekyba pigiai NKNP Metal Film Fixed Resisto, mes bus aprūpinti tu Laisvas mėginys, the geriausia po pardavimo tarnyba ir laiku pristatymas laikas.
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  • Nonflammable Wirewound Painting Resistors (KNP/NKNP) Features: 1.Good heat durability, low temperature coefficient, low noise, high load and power, nonflammability. 2.Can be fusible during the stated time for protecting the circuit once working at the required overload voltage. 3.Operating ambient temperature :-55°C~+275°C 4.The surface is nonflammable, the 1/4W~6W coating is gray white and indicate the resistance value by color ring, the 7W or over will indicate the resistance value by lettering and coating is green. 5.Resistance tolerance: ±1%,±2%,±5%,±10%.